21 January 2015

Backstage at Craig Green AW15

It's the monochrome colour palette, the combination of oversized and slim-fitting silhouettes, and the interplay of shirt collars, pockets, heavy-duty straps, and cut-out knits. There's a reason why Craig Green shows are hyped. This was quite possibly my favourite show of London Collections: Men to photograph; not least because I would quite happily have taken a fair few of the garments home with me, but also for the atmosphere of serenity and calm that presented in the room. At some shows, backstage photography becomes a frantic hustle of darting down the line trying to capture the whole collection in a matter of minutes without stepping on each others toes or getting in each others shots. Exhilarating in its own right, yes, but a little breathing space is more than pleasant too. I covered Craig Green AW15 for VMAN but these are a few extra shots that I wanted to share too.

18 January 2015

Return to the North

Photographs: Tom Martin

This time last week I was sprinting - okay, more like jogging, given the hefty gear that I was lugging with me! - from the 'A Clockwork Orange'-inspired edginess of KTZ to the gentlemanly calm of dunhill via the backstreets of London's Soho. For those of you who hadn't worked out from my various social media postings (read: ridiculous bombardment of backstage snaps of the Instagram variety) I covered backstage London Collections: Men for VMAN magazine. (I try to convey nonchalance typing that but inside I'm still more than a little buzzing). As predicted the four days of shows were indeed exhilarating madness - and exhausting too! But I loved every minute of it and am so excited to share more of the photographs that I captured that didn't make it online at VMAN (or to my feature on Menswear Style). 

6 January 2015

Flashback to SS15

With only a few days to go until my first experience of London Collections: Men, it's safe to say that I'm pretty buzzing - not least because I'll be heading backstage once more to capture the action through my camera lens. So in anticipation of the upcoming exhilarating madness that is backstage photography, I thought I'd share a few treasured snaps that didn't make it to the blog the first time around.

P.S. Post fashion week, I'll be heading straight back to uni and likely swamped with work so please bear with me on the blogging front. Head over to my Instagram and (newly acquired) Twitter if you really miss me that much!