28 August 2014


Rokit Vintage basketball vest (similar here) / Topshop jeans (here) / Office brogue boots (similar here) / Zip bracelet (similar here)

So it's been nigh on five months since I last did an outfit post but here I am back on the fashion blogger bandwagon once more. This was my attire for picking up that dreaded buff envelope, stamped with my name and containing the four letters to determine home for the next five years of my life - in other words, A Level results (and five years because that's how med school rolls). Luckily all was good and so I be off to Leeds come mid-September, and with a taster of good old Yorkshire-ness in the form of Leeds Festival this last week gone, it's fair to say I'm rather looking forward to it all. #UWotUWotLeeds (included for the benefit of said festival goers). And for those pondering at the presence of howay, it's a greeting to outfit posting once more and a throwback to festival banter with a bunch of marvellous Geordie folk et al. Here's to the rest of summer and life beyond school!

14 August 2014


Model: Yotti Wilkinson

Despite a cancelled train, cancelled taxi, and glaring sunlight directly overhead trying to thwart our efforts to expand Yotti's modelling portfolio, I'm rather pleased with how these photographs turned out. But then again, what else is to be expected with such a gorgeous face in front of one's lens?

3 August 2014

Lisbon Visual Diary + Travel Guide

Three weeks back in the homeland and my visual diary + travel guide from a wonderful week in Portugal's capital city with the 'rents is finally ready to go live. Lisbon won me over with its monochrome cobbled streets, painstakingly tiled buildings, and lots and lots of delicious cuisine. Of course, it helped too that the sun beamed down upon us for the duration of the trip, enabling me to return home with a rather more bronzed complexion. Read on for my rookie guide to Lisbon and apologies in advance for the photograph overload - I couldn't help myself!