31 March 2013

Easter On A Plate

Happy Easter everyone! Just a quick post in an attempt to capture the deliciousness that was my lunch today. Cooked by my mum; roasted shoulder of lamb (sourced from a farm three miles down the road) with gratin dauphinoise and greens. My dad made a most lovely apple and mincemeat pie for dessert, but unfortunately I didn't manage to get any photographs of it!

27 March 2013

First Portraits in the Snow

Unlike this time last March when we were sweating it out in a heatwave, this year has brought snow and icy winds to my little town in England. Cold, yes, but perfectly picturesque for my first ever self portraits in the snow.

10 March 2013

On My Radar

Over the last couple of months, I have come to realise that my current boots are no longer the smart brogues that they initially were. They have become worn and scuffed from being trampled across towns and muddy tracks. They still serve me perfectly well but it seems that I will require new ones if I am to look presentable in times that I need to look smart. So I have been doing a little browsing and these black beauties are currently on my radar. What do you think?