15 September 2013

The Modified Sack

Mango ID Chain Necklace ( similar here) / ASOS Ovoid Tee Dress (modified) (here)
When I first tried on this dress, it looked like a sack. In fact, it still looks like a sack.. although we'll put that down to its oversized nature. However, with the help of my sewing machine and a rolling up of sleeves, I think it turned out fairly decent. Decent enough for the rugby social last night anyway.

Note: Please ignore the bruises on my legs. Carrying drum kits is dangerous. Avoid it at all costs.

Oh and hype if you like!


  1. first of all, your curls are amazing! and the dress turned out great, it's crazy how much of a difference something as simple as rolling the sleeves up on something oversized can make.


  2. beautiful & simple, you're right, the rolled up sleeves make it.

  3. Omfg your legs are perfect! Love the dress! x