30 March 2014

Coves + Band of Skulls

So there I was, sat in my bedroom, finishing off some French translations and a message comes through on Facebook from CovesYou're ON! With a photo pass! Suddenly it's all stations go, checking my batteries, packing my camera bag and slinging a vintage Levi's jacket over my shoulders to fend off the cold. And then I'm sat on the next train into Manchester, nerves starting to set in as this is my first ever pass into the photographers' pit and I'd really rather I didn't mess it up.

Luckily my limited experience of photographing local gigs paid off and I'm pretty chuffed with how the photographs turned out (especially given that the Ritz likes to use a hell of a lot of backlighting!). A massive thank you to the fantastic Coves for sorting out the pass for me, and for being such a brilliant support to Band of Skulls, who of course were amazing too.

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  1. great photos. thanks for sharing, looks like a great event