2 May 2014

Gwen + Marcus

Models: Marcus @ A-Models & Gwen Harris
Clothes: Gwen Harris

I speculated that my previous blog post might be the last for a while but when Gwen asked me if I could photograph the results of her Textiles project, I couldn't resist. I adore the mesh and leatherette combinations alongside chunky zips and flashes of appliquéd colour - Central Saint Martins are you taking note? This girl is one to watch! 

And with that, I bring you my two beautiful best friends..


  1. Portia your photography is so stunning! Love all the photos (especially the second to last) x

  2. Aux Caprices de Flore6 May 2014 at 03:15

    Nice shoot, and wow for Gwen's shoes!!!


  3. Thank you muchly, my lovely! x