27 May 2013

Summer Staples

ASOS boyfriend jeans - I've been after a pair of boyfriend jeans for a while but so far the ones that I have found have never quite seemed to fit the bill. Until I came across these, that is! They're slouchy but not baggy, slim but not skinny and as I'm generally not a fan of pale denim, the dark shadow detail finishes them perfectly.

Topshop gladiator sandals - I own a beautiful pair of bright red gladiators however, having recently purchased some leaf print shorts, I require a more simple pair of sandals to compliment them. These are 100% leather so one would hope they're made to last!

Zara sweater - Cotton for breathability, leather look elbow patches to add a little interest. Would someone like to purchase this beauty for me, please?

Zara leather effect shorts - To be fair, I already own some leather look shorts however, as they were part of the photograph and undeniably lovely, I thought they deserved a mention anyway!

MTWTFSS Weekday boyfriend tee - I discovered Weekday only this morning and I have already fallen in love with their laid back cool pieces. If you look closely, you'll see that this simple tee is covered in little pink and yellow neps. It's all in the details!

5Preview sport bag - I know, I know. Sweaty faced exercising in the sun isn't the most attractive thing on earth, but if this monochrome beauty can't persuade you to get to the gym then what will?

Goldendaze sunglasses - The only shades I own are aviators. They're nice, but sometimes I fancy a change. This pair from Urban Outfitters caught my eye with their beautiful tortoise shell arms!

MTWTFSS Weekday dress - I love this dress. It's simple yet elegant, and the sheer details make it that little bit more special.


  1. I love all the items you've selected!! The bag in particular is perfect <3



  2. I love your style! Nice blog! Would you like to follow each other? I follow you now on Facebook. Hope you can do the same! And thanks for your comment! :) Good luck!

    xx Oksana

  3. Lovely items! I especially adore the Weekday dress! It's so elegant! XX

    On diraît que c'est la mode

  4. gorgeous style,
    adoring your blog!

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    lots of love from
    La-La Land


  5. I want the tank top!

    Adorable blog, dear! Following you now. Hope you can share the love back by following/visiting my blog too.

    Much love from Canada~

    KD (www.thegirlwiththemessyhair.com)

  6. these patch bf jeans are awesome.


  7. Love the glasses!
    -B ♡

  8. These items are all gorgeous – and absolutely perfect for summer! Those boyfriend jeans are so cute.

    xo, Meera | www.momentswithmeera.com
    twitter + instagram: @meeranavlakha

  9. Christina Chan30 May 2013 at 07:22

    I'm loving the simplicity of this set! The Weekday dress has such a killer name too. Thank you for the comment! xxx


  10. Lychee Darling30 May 2013 at 07:47

    Great pieces! I agree, these are definitely closet must-haves for summer, and are worth the splurge on quality.


  11. Love the boyfriend jeans & the leather effect shorts. V nice post, thanks for sharing..!


  12. right, that's it, i'm buying those jeans :)